- Pottery by Andrey Kudryashov 
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    Andrey Kudryashov

    "Ceramics for me is not just a job, but a wonderful and unknown world of diversity of shapes and colors.
    The first time I met with this world was when traveling with my family to the Golden Ring of Russia. Visiting ancient Russian cities and fortresses, I understood how ancient this craft - the art of clay transformation is.
    Then I started to learn the process of making pottery from ancient to modern times and fell in love with this art. For several years it has been my hobby. I learned to make various products for practical use and decoration, has mastered the basic methods - majolica, porcelain and faience. And after some time the hobby grew into a profession.

    Once in the search for new solutions, I stumbled on processing technology of pottery crystalline glazes.
    Then, contrary to the opinion of my colleagues on the complexity of this method, I set a goal to achieve interesting results.
    It turned out that obtaining crystals is really a time-consuming and daunting task that requires patience, attention and continuous work on your own. To create one conceived product, sometimes you need a few months and to fire it up to two dozen times, and to make numerous alterations and experiments.
    But in return for all the efforts the unique vases emerge with amazing color depth and the mysterious beauty of the patterns. "

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