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    In this gallery you will find the work of our students, which we are very proud of.

      "Courses at the studio ZAKRUGOM.ru are a true creative leisure for the whole family. I first came because of the children, but did not notice how I was carried away. I picked up the clay in my hands and immediately remembered how as a child I went to the molding workshop - so cool!" (Natalia, 36 years old)
        "My biggest impression is the rotation of the wheel. It turns out that you can slide endlessly your hands on clay and it is as good as looking at the fire or the water." (Marina, 28)

      "Now I am a real potter!" (Nicolay, 10)

        "Мне понравилась атмосфера - снимает стресс. Когда гончаришь, то отвлекаешься и отдыхаешь душой." (Сергей, 42 года)

      "I liked the atmosphere: it removes stress and brings relaxation." (Sergey, 42) "I came with friends and we made gifts for each other. It was very nice." (Anya, 24)

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