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    In the workshop ZAKRUGOM.ru in a quiet friendly atmosphere you can learn basic techniques and create your own unique product!

    Feel the taste of creativity at the 1st introductory lesson:

    • mini-lecture on the qualities and properties of clay
    • observing the artist at work
    • preparing the clay for the work
    • centering the work piece on the wheel
    • mastering the basic positions and blocks of hands
    • making one or two simple pieces like "glass" and "bowl"

    Course Program

    After the introductory lesson you can enroll in a course which represents approximately the following program (approximately, because each person has individual rate of learning and different interests):

    2nd lesson:

    • understanding proportions
    • techniques of stretching walls
    • contraction and expansion of walls
    • making items with curved reliefs (pitcher, pot etc.)

    3rd lesson:

    • making items with a spout and handle (mug, teapot, etc.)
    • crafting a cover
    • shaping bottom and walls
    • cutting patterns

    4th lesson:

    • mini-lecture on the techniques of decoration
    • glazing and coloring
    • making flat products (plates, saucers, etc.)

    5th lesson:

    • developing and implementing your individual project
    • choosing one or two products for final firing

    A few hours spent at a potter’s wheel will give you the joy of creation, the pleasant sensation of contact with clay, and emotional balance.

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