- Pottery by Andrey Kudryashov 
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    ~ Finished products

    You may choose the item you like in this gallery and place your order

    ~ You draw - we make pottery!

    You can order a piece of pottery of your own drawing: just send us your sketch (or any photo)

    If you found something to your liking in the exhibition or in the gallery, and you want something similar, specify the order number of the product and add your own comments, so that we can make the necessary changes in the design

    If you find it difficult to decide, simply write or call us and we will discuss possible options

    ~ Unique Gift

    If you order a product as a gift, we can supplement it with an inscription or the logo at the back or front side of the product

    ~ Collection for your soul

    You can gather a collection of the author’s ceramics, identifying subjects, frequency and number of issues (e.g. crystal vases, annually for Woman’s Day March 8, over the period of three years). For a collection you will get a discount starting from 5%

      Implementation of the order of your design will require 3-5 weeks, as the clay does not tolerate any hurry - the origin of an item, drying, decorating and firing take time and require inspiration.



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